FREE 90 minute meeting available for all Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber Members.

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Michele Mollard

Several workshops are also FREE for all Chamber members, including:

Hitting the Ceiling; getting unstuck!

1 hour of teaching time. Audience is anyone in an organization.

Learn the Evolution and Revolution stages of organizations, departments or individuals, Hitting the Ceiling.

You will learn the 5 Leadership Abilities to unstuck at any point in their “life cycle”.

You will learn how to continue to develop these Leadership Abilities and apply them at any time in the future, to get unstuck.

Time Management: Doing more of what you are great at and Love to do!

1 hour of Teaching Time. Audience is anyone in an organization.

We will teach you the skill for Time Management using the EOS tool of “Delegate and Elevate”. We work through identifying the following:

The true number of hours you work in a week.
The number of hours you want to work in a week.
Record all the work you do in a day/week.
Physically put all their “to dos” in one of the four quadrants.
Then we work through teaching you ways to delegate the quadrants. We do that by finding people or a technology that can do the “to dos” so that you can stop doing them all together.

Organization Chart, better yet an Accountability Chart: Where structure meets Accountability

2 hours of Teaching with another 1-2 hours of work by them. Audience is owners or Leadership team members of an organization.

We will teach this method using the EOS tool called the Accountability Chart. We work on structure first (function), then roles and then people in those functions. You will be able to identify Right People, Right Seat; You have to have both!!

Those that attend will formulate their own structure after about 30 minutes of teaching and getting their mindset regeared to structure first., people second.

We will teach you the skill of defining only 5 roles for each function.

We will teach you the Get it, Want it, and Capacity process to determine if this person in that Function is the perfect match for that Function.

Setting Core Values: what are they really and how to get buy-in throughout the organization

1 hour of teaching with 2 hours of work by them. .Audience is owners or Leadership team members of an organization.

We will teach those attending the true meaning of Core Values and how they should be used and not used.

You will learn the filtering process we use with all our clients, to get to 3-5 Core Values. Less is More!

If you already have Core Values, you will be able to confirm that your Core Values are “Raw” and are not Aspirational, Pay to Play or Accidental.

You will make sure that what “is on the Walls of your organization, is what is walking the Halls of your organization”.

You will learn how to “give the Speech” to your staff so they can understand the Core Value and make them come to life so they can believe in them.

Department Meetings: That do not stink

1-2 hours of teaching. Audience is owners or Leadership team members of an organization.

Learn why people hate meetings.

Learn why people LOVE our “Level 10 meetings”.

Learn the Level 10 agenda and how to facilitate a successful weekly meeting.

How to Identify, Discuss and Solve issues that arise in your organization.

How to never have the same issue come up again in your organization.

How to drive accountability that you will enjoy, into each and every meeting!

Learn to Lead, Manage and hold people Accountable

1-2 hours of Teaching. Audience is leaders of the organization, but anyone that Leads or Manages others in their organization.

Those that attend will learn the different between Leadership and Management.

You will understand when and how to use both; Yes both are necessary.

You will learn the 5 Leadership Abilities.

You will learn the 5 Management Abilities.

You will understand how to present the two questionnaires to your staff to complete.

You will understand why it is important to have conversations with your staff around these Abilities.

You will understand and set the frequency of these conversations with your staff.

Please contact Arthur or Sarah if you are interested in any of these!